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Hi, I'm Suzi Burk and this our "TAIL..."


Pet Sitter Suzi feeding a bunny

Several years ago my husband and I were planning a much needed vacation.  Like many multiple pet owners, we had no clue how we were going to find a decent, cost effective place that would accommodate our 6 dogs.  We cringed at the thought of abandoning our precious pups for a week at a kennel where they would be cooped up for hours on end on cold cement floors.  These were spoiled dogs who were accustomed to sleeping on our furniture all day, every day!
We carefully selected the nicest kennel with the best reputation and off we went into the sunset…that was until the owner called us 10 minutes into our journey!  Silly Tilly, our sensitive, scruffy mutt had a meltdown, growled at the employees and refused to go to the back with our other dogs.
$100 later and an emergency trip to our vet, Tilly was drugged with a potent tranquilizer and given enough pills for her anxiety and her upset tummy to get her through the week.
A week later we were handed a bill twice the cost of our airfare and hotel combined and our dogs were a mess!  They were stressed out, smelly and hoarse from non-stop barking.  We were NOT happy customers!
Now I’m not saying all kennels are bad.  In fact, I am the former owner and operator of Camp Bow Wow, ® a premiere dog boarding franchise and doggie daycare facility so I don’t want to sound like a hypocrite.  I do have extensive, first-hand experience running a first class boarding facility.
However, being the entrepreneurial business woman that I am, I decided right then and there that my dogs would NEVER go to a kennel again!  I’d rather let my dogs stay home in their own environment where they were the most comfortable, surrounded by familiar sights, sounds and smells.
If I was willing to pay for that peace of mind, surely others would too.  With that idea and my lifelong passion and love of animals, Homeward Hounds Pet Sitting was born and I have never looked back!

Suzi the pet sitter

About Suzi Burk

Meet Suzi Burk! Suzi is the owner of Homeward Hounds Pet Sitting, LLC. since it's startup in 2008. Suzi is the former owner and operator of Camp Bow Wow, ® a premiere dog boarding franchise and doggie daycare facility where she had extensive first-hand experience running a first-class boarding facility.

Suzi is a native New Yorker. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from The University of Wisconsin-Madison and attended New York University Graduate School where she studied nutrition and early childhood education.

Pet Sitter Jason with happy puppy

About Jason Burk

Meet Jason Burk! My husband, best friend, business partner and the best assistant in the world!
During the day Jason wears his hat as both an attorney and a law professor.

But at night, on weekends and holidays, he is an avid animal lover who helps out tremendously with the family business.
Between the two of us we have 5 dogs and four beautiful children ranging from ages 15 to 19.
Everyone who knows “uncle Jason” absolutely adores him because of his easy going, laid back, fun loving personality.  I couldn’t do this without you Jason!

Denise the pet sitter

About Denise Turner

Meet Denise Turner! She is extremely dependable, trustworthy and reliable!
She has loved animals since she was a child and has had pets since the day she was born.
She is happily married and the mother of two beautiful boys. Denise’s motto is, “anytime spent with precious animals equals a happy heart!”

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